Access to new technologies for South West creative industry

Local firm invests £1.5 million in cutting edge print technologies

A major investment by local business BrunelPrint will allow Bristol’s burgeoning creative sector to access cutting-edge print technologies, not currently available outside of London.

With the creative industries employing 16,000 people in Bristol & Bath, contributing £60 million GVA to the South West economy, BrunelPrint made the £1.5 million investment, confident in the gap in the market to provide high-end, advanced print & finishing technologies to businesses in the creative, fashion & luxury sectors.

Based in Bedminster & tracing its roots back to 1844 when Elisha Smith Robinson founded the Bristol Printing & Packaging Company the business has made John Tugman director of commercial print to spearhead its new initiative. CIM fellow & experienced marketing director, John was part of the team at BrunelPrint which created the personalised greeting cards business Funky Pigeon, before selling it on to a major high street retailer.

Turning its attention to personalisation in a commercial setting, BrunelPrint made its recent investment in response to the growing desire amongst brands to communicate with customers on a one-to-one basis.

With printed materials still a major part of the marketing mix in achieving this, for many advertising & marketing agencies in the South West being able to access the latest print technologies is crucial to being able to work with major brands and compete at a national level.

Through its investment in state-of-the art of technologies such as the Motioncutter & Scodix printer, BrunelPrint can bespoke marketing materials in quantities from one to ten thousand using advanced finishing techniques to give the effect of water droplets on a bottle or the grain of leather on a luxury product.

“Despite the fact that we’ve only just taken receipt of the new equipment, interest is high. We’ve already joined forces with Bristol Media, the local members’ organisation for creative businesses, to become a preferred industry supplier & print a range of personalised materials for its upcoming Vision conference in November.

“In some ways it’s natural for us to be at the forefront of innovations in print technologies & personalisation when you think back to the foundations of our business. When Elisha Smith Robinson bought his first equipment back in 1844 due to the opportunity that steam powered presses gave commercial printing, he was quick to exploit this by printing the name of Grocers’ shops on the side of customer bags. Realising the market for this type of personalisation, he quickly started doing the same with calendars & other business stationery.

“Over 150 years on and our business is still centred on helping clients to exploit the latest in printing technologies to create deeper relationships with their customers, said John Tugman, commercial print director, BrunelPrint.

Committed to continuing to grow its business during the coming months and into 2015, the business has also recently recruited Andy Mackinson as its commercial print manager. Andy joins from a nationally recognised print business & has worked as a creative director and designer previously for brands such as Sony, Dolce & Gabanna, Louis Vuitton, Harrods & the BBC.

BrunelPrint is equipped to work with smaller, specialist businesses up to large national brands and can accommodate a variety of budgets.

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