BrunelPrint invests in a Motioncutter – high speed digital laser system

BrunelPrint invests in a Motioncutter – high speed digital laser system

Bristol based printer BrunelPrint has invested in a motioncutter – high speed digital laser system to complement their current finishing equipment and to offer innovative and new applications.

Brunel first saw the Motioncutter at its sales launch in Rome and again in Florida at a Dscoop event and although they knew it was a fantastic piece of new technology, they had to ensure they had the applications and market to make a purchase worthwhile. “We can now offer our customers personalised finishing adding so much value to our products” says Sue Tugman, Managing Director of BrunelPrint. “When we went for a demo we were able to see the machine is so fast and easy to set up that the decision to buy one was simple. We are excited about all of the applications from direct mail through to packaging”.

Business Development Manager for motioncutter, Shaun Stanley says “It is a joy to sell to forward thinking printers like Brunel, they understand the machinery and its applications, think outside the box and come up with truly creative products. We are looking forward to installing their machine at the end of October”.

Motioncutter – high speed digital laser system runs using a conveyor which takes sheets from a feeder and passes them under a mirrored laser beam. The conveyor runs at up to 40 metres per minute whilst the laser can cut at up to 6 metres per second. Using the NameCut™ application, a single cut file can be used in conjunction with a CSV data file to cut, crease, perforate or engrave multiple sheets with each one being personalised. Basically it is variable data finishing set up in the same way as variable data printing!

If you would like to find out more about the motioncutter® then please view their website at .