Make your printing a sensual sensory experience

Take print to a new dimension
BrunelPrint’s sensory printing enhancement can produce exciting special finishes, adding a unique tactile dimension to all your printed items.

Our experienced team work with state-of-the- art print technology to produce sensational commercial and personal print experiences that take great design to new heights.

If its the sensual feel of the leather grain from a luxury handbag or subtle water droplets on a bottle, our Scodix can add this new dimension to your printed items.

Unique and personal

Because this is a digital finishing process (up to B2), there are no minimum quantities, we can enhance just one of your business cards, leaflets or other printed items; or we can enhance multiple sheets each in a different way if required.

Deliver something new

Now you can ensure that each and every creation you produce can deliver something new and desirable to you and your customers.